Wood Floor Maintenance Tips

What To Do:

1. Sweep or vacuum regularly.

2. Remove spills promptly. Use a soft cloth and wood floor cleaner to clean wet spills. Use a vacuum or a broom for dry or abrasive spills.

3. Place mats at exterior doors to trap sand and grit from incoming traffic.

4. Use area rugs on high traffic pathways and pivot areas: at the end of steps, near doorways, etc. All rugs should allow the floor to breathe. Avoid rubber backed or other non-ventilated rugs. Check unprotected flooring periodically for wear.

5. Install proper protectors on the feet of all furniture.

6. Renew all worn surfaces with the appropriate wood floor finish before the wood is exposed.

How To Clean:

1. Vacuum or sweep area to remove loose dirt prior to cleaning your floor.

2. Lightly mist an area of your floor with “BonaKemi Swedish Hardwood Floor Cleaner”. Wipe the floor immediately with a terry cloth mop or soft towel.

4. For day-to-day mopping use 1 cup of white vinegar to 1 gallon of warm water. Apply with a slightly dampened sponge mop. When finished, dry the floor with a soft towel.

5. For the more stubborn cleaning jobs BonaKemi Swedish Hardwood Floor Cleaner is recommended by and is available from Victorian Hardwood Floors.

What Not To Do:

1. Don't let sand or grit build up: vacuum or sweep regularly.

2. Never damp mop with large quantities of water. Water and wood don't mix!

3. Due to the care-free no wax urethane finish which was applied to your floor avoid the use of the following: wax, commercial
“no dust” type products, oil soap, and other household cleaners. The use of these products will dull the finish and make future cleaning and re-coating difficult.

4. Avoid walking on your floors in high heels: they can severely damage the surface of any floor covering. Always keep heel caps in good repair. Keep in mind that a person weighing 120 lbs. exerts 1,800 lbs. of pressure on a capped heel, and over 2,000 lbs. of pressure on a heel that is missing the rubber cap.

By following these hints you will be able to enjoy many years of problem-free living with your floors.